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What we offer

                Why should you use our service?


       One of the most emotional and stressful tasks of returning to any scene is how to handle the cleanup. This is a warranted concern to everyone, emotionally was well as physically. Our technicians will help alleviate the confusion, the frustration and the emotional strain by restoring the site through the decontamination, sanitizing and removal of all visible remnants.

    We at EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. are here to assist you in the blood/bodily fluid related incident. The proper method of cleanup and disposal are no longer safe or as easy as in the past. HIV and several strains of hepatitis are just a few of the many concerns facing us in everyday life. The handling of potentially infectious materials can be a serious matter if not handled properly.

    Many businesses and homeowners are not aware of the proper techniques and practices required in this type of abatement. This is where EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc.  is helping lead the way. Although the scene will not be as if nothing happened, it will be safe to enter from a bio-hazard standpoint.


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