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Colorado's Lost
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Colorado's Fallen

April __, 1999 Colorado suffered a tremendous loss. All over the U.S.A. heard about the tragedy at Columbine High School, Colorado. A friend started a foward to help him say prayers for the friends we lost. As one of my friends in New Jersey recieved this letter then sent it to me I knew I definately will post this page. This letter was from Jayson Martin from Littleton, Colorado and his letter read as follows:

My name is Jayson Martin from Littleton, Colorado, I would like for
anyone who reads this to please write their name down. I would like to send prayers out to my friends who were in Columbine H.S. I would like everyone to please say a prayer for the safety of everyone who was involved in this terrible tragedy. it is something that has hurt me today as well as my friends, I'm grateful for my safety and their safety. Please Forward this to as many people as you can, let us all come together and pray that this tragedy ends soon. Thank you.

So if we can keep this going it will be greatly appreciated. Here are a few names included saying prayers in memory of  those who died.


State from:

Jayson L. Martin Littleton Colorado
Michelle R. Evans Aurora Colorado
Clay Mueller Westminster Colorado
Marissa Perez Westminster Colorado
Derek Michael Jenkins North Carolina (born in CO)
Jennifer Frederick Kentucky
Somer Osman North Carolina
Lauren S North Carolina
Lauren A. North Carolina
Jessica Falasca New Jersey
Francine Lopez New Jersey
Theodore Ragavas New Jersey
Stephanie Kuban New Jersey

This page is dedicated to all of the friends and families who lost there loved ones.

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