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The Sensitive Side

Roses are blue
There is no one as special as you
we get closer and closer
but I sometimes act like a loser
This is the time you need a friend   
That will hold your hand till the end
and will always be happy to give that hug
I may need that favor when I give you a tug
But in my heart there will always be a place
for you when I wipe those tears from your face
and take you into my arms
and say I love you and protect you from all harm

We started out as strangers
then we became friends
then said we love each other as we came close
but only in a close friendship kind of way
Then there were the days I made a fool of myself
and hurt the ones I cared about,
That when things were going down hill for me
but you were always there to help me up
maybe you cause you missed the humor side of me
or just thought you were losing a friend
but then came a day where I went too far
and we became distant.
I felt the pain of a destroyed friendship
and knew there was nothing I could do
I know I messed up and I don't ask for you
to forgive me just yet,
I just ask for your help when,
someone ma need it cause
your to special of a friend to lose
and especially not to have around to talk to.
I just hope I return to the way I used to be.

We started out as friends
Then we started to get a little closer as time went by,
So did our hearts for each other
Until that one day as our love was released
With one simple kiss,
We knew now that we were meant for each other now.
Unfortunately I started to feel uncomfortable
I started to take so space and not let her know
How I started to feel,
Until that one day were she saw something was wrong
She asked what it was,
But I couldn't keep it from her anymore.
I had to tell her my love for her,
Was not in the way she wanted it then?
That I loved her as a dear friend,
Not as my special someone,
That was the day were I felt in my heart
That I may have done something right
But it felt so wrong, but why I ask
As I got to my spot to think
And there I saw what I was looking for
The sign that told me that
True love for a friend is better

I have committed such a crime
That not even the authorities can prosecute me
Unless they consent from the one who the crime involved.
But, yet I feel that I have done wrong
And they believe it just happens time from time
Now I convict myself to the sorrow I feel now
The change that has overcome me to do such a crime
And now I realize that it wasn't really me at the time
But now I ask myself where have I gone to
Where can I find that person that was so innocent and kind?
Tell me where that person is so I can be happy again.
She doesn't understand how I feel,
I apologize for they way I acted and she says there is no need
But to me there is the need to at least
Apologize for what I have done.
She sees that no crime was committed
But she hasn't found out what's inside of me that
Is killing me which is the guilt knowing
That I have not only changed but
Changed for the worse,
Please oh please let me find my light that
Will guide me to innocence once again.

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