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Seton Hall University Memorial Dedication

In Memory of:

Frank Caltabilota          John Giunta          Aaron Karol

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These three students who had their future come to end abrutly early in the morning of January 19,2000 a fire broke out on the third floor of Boland Hall on Seton Hall' s Univertsity Campus in South Orange, New Jersey. Sadly to say, 3 students died in the fire 4 were critically burned and over 60 injuried. Many students believed this to be a false alarm due to many false alarms during the semesters that go on at all schools. This one was for real and many people felt the pain of the few who passed away and the many who were injured from the fire. Many students and faculty felt the pain and sorrow for the loss of their classmates, friends, and for respect for fellow students. Its a shame that these young people had to go through this at this time of their lives, and its just not fair. The students, faculty, alumni, and families of Seton Hall University will not forget this day of sorrow. On January 24-25, 1999 there will be a memorial service for all those who were injuried and the few that died. It's nice to see young students of all ages come together and pay respect for those involved with the fire and to pray for those injuried for a speedy recovery.

Please pass this page on to as people as possible....Thanks

This page was created for the soul intention of remembering those victims of the Seton Hall University fire on January 19, 2000....

Note: If anyone would like to say words about the students, families, or freinds who died, were involved, injuried and was present at the fire are gadly to send any comments or pictures that they want posted...Please send any info. you would like to see posted to:Teddy....