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As we gather here today to morn the death of two young brothers, who’s soul purpose in life was to bring happiness and joy to others. They were the greatest friends a guy could ever have, they would be by your side whether you were happy or sad. They were so close, they were like my brothers, we would fish and swim and make fun of each other.

Rich and Joe have touched us all, with a feeling that runs deep within our souls. We will never forget the fun we had, enjoying life thinking we were bad. But the fact remaining that they are gone, will haunt and hurt us unless we are strong. We have to think of all the good things each of us did with them together and put away any negative thoughts we may have had with them aside. Rich and Joe would want us to be strong and pray and understand why god wanted it this way. Though it was made for us not to understand , right now Rich and Joe are in their boxers saying I am the man, for most of us you don’t know what this means but to their friends they are as happy as can be.

" In loving memory of two of my best friends whom which I will always love dearly."

Rich and Joe Kowalczyk

Brothers forever

Love Always,

                        Fred Luttgens

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