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Linden's Fallen

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This page is dedicated to the family and friends

In loving memory of:

Richard Kowalczyk

April 12, 1980-August 18, 1998


Joseph Kowalczyk


During the summer in August of 1998 friends and family lost good friends. Rich and Joe Kowalczyk lost their lives in a car accident on the Garden State Parkway early one morning coming home from down the shore. Rich who was a graduate of the Class of '98 and Joe Class of '97 had their future well ahead of them but unfortunately ended one summer day. As a remembrance of the death of the two brothers there is a plaque on the side of the parkway in memory to them where they have left us. This site can still be seen today. Family and friends visit the location frequently to pay their respects and to leave flowers. If you would like to visit this site, its a mile marker 130.4  on the Garden State Parkway North.

This link below is the page where if anyone wants to write something about the two, send it to me by email and I will be sure it gets on asap. Note: Please upload the word file to me. Thanks.


P.S. If you have pictures that you would like to see on here and don't have a scanner please let me know, I can do this for you. People with pictures are greatly encouraged to send them to me to post on here.

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