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Suburban Building Services, Inc.

"A little history"


   Suburban Building Services Inc. is the new kid on the block, but with 30 years experience in the maintenance business knows how to do their job right. Suburban has proven to its clients that their business is important to us. We stay on top of the changing ways of doing business in today's times. We work with the client to insure that the service they require is completed satisfactorily and as scheduled. The employees of Suburban are trained on proper techniques and the specifics of each job is discussed before and followed up with supervision. We pride ourselves on that our personnel turnover is kept at a minimum. This helps us keep our costs down in constant retraining of new employees. Our employees are told up front of what we expect and your expectations of SBS. This allows us to maintain a balanced cost for services, allowing us to pass on the savings to the client. SBS carries a complete line of janitorial supplies and paper products. We have the ability and resources to handle whatever needs to be done in the building maintenance field. Please call our customer service at 908-587-1420 with any questions.

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