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Detailed information

    We at EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. are here to assist you in a Blood-Bodily fluid related incident. This is a warranted concern for everyone. The proper methods of clean up and disposal are no longer as safe or as easy as in the past. HIV and Hepatitis are just two of the many concerns in everyday life.

    In light of today's strict rules and regulation with enormous liabilities, proper training in this type of specialized cleanup can be costly. Many businesses and homeowners are not aware of the proper techniques and practices required in this type of cleanup. This is where EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. is leading the way of today.

    If you would like more information regarding this service please contact our offices and one of our technicians will setup an appointment to meet with you.

    EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. also offers a variety of odor controlling chemicals, germicidal cleaners as well as a full line of personal protective equipment.



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