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Company Overview



     EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1999 in Linden, New Jersey by a group of safety conscious professionals who realized the need for trained specialists in the containment, cleanup, decontamination, and disposal of medical waste/biohazard spills. EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. is a corporation dedicated and committed to providing this specialized medical waste/biohazard spill emergency response.   EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. is also a biohazard emergency response team (service) needed by clients, which include homeowners, commercial and industrial firms and local municipalities.

    EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. specializes in the abatement of blood and bodily fluids at any type of scene from motor vehicle accidents, crime scenes, and in the work place. Using the appropriate equipment and chemical agents, EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. can handle the complete cleanup and decontamination of the accident scene, which includes the proper disposal of contaminated items.

    Our staff includes professionals, N.J. State Certified Medical Technicians, and Certified Instructors to provide the best in containment, cleanup, and decontamination of blood and bodily fluids. EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. Instructors provide the necessary training for their employees to respond and complete the cleanup in a safe and efficient manner.

    EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. has also worked with the following:

  • Bayonne Police Department
  • Cranford Police Department
  • Kenilworth Police Department
  • Linden Police Department
  • Riveredge Police Department
  • Roselle Police Department
  • Linden Cogen- GE Electric
  • Asbury Park Towers
  • Residential Incidents



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