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   Welcome to EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. We are a privately owned and operated company specializing in the cleanup of blood and  bodily fluids.  We are located in Linden, New Jersey.  In today's age where such things as HIV and multiple strains of Hepatitis exist, your chances of getting infected are greatly increased. At any type of scene, wheather it be an accident scene, crime scene, the work place, or even at home these diseases and virus' can easily be spread and often they go undetected.

    After such incidences the question arises, "Who will clean this up? Who knows how to clean it up?"  Here at EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. we handle the complete cleanup and decontamination of the scene, including the proper disposal of all contaminated items. EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. utilizes specialized equipment and chemicals to insure maximum decontamination in biohazard abatement.

     EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. technicians mantian a high level of training in bioharzardous abatement and recieve training in OSHA methods of compliance.   EMERGI-CLEAN, Inc. is reistered with the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection and will only use NJ Dept. registered Waste Transporters.



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